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Scott David Krueger Chartered

In this Law Firm,  your attorney is always Scott Krueger

Scott Krueger graduated from the University of Florida in 1980, and worked in Washington, D.C. for the accounting firm of KPMG through 1982, including earning his C.P.A. license in Virginia and Florida during his tenure.  Scott then went onto law school, graduating from the University of Florida Law School in 1985.  In again returning to Washington, D.C. Scott went back to work at the offices of KPMG, this time in their tax department, and was primarily focused on banking and corporate and business taxation, including representing business executives with tax matters as a C.P.A.


Whether it is a smaller business agreement involving $20,000.00, or a $120,000,000.00 business agreement, that arrangement will be important to you; and Scott has handled them both while serving his clients in Gainesville, as well as countless others in between.  In each case, it is Scott's acumen and reasoned approach to make the "deal" a success for all parties involved that helps his clients obtain an agreement that his clients smile about at the end of the day.

KPMG taught Scott many valuable lessons.  Since returning to Gainesville in 1989 to practice law, Scott has has utilized his KPMG experiences, along with many others, to help serve his clients, not only in north Florida, but throughout the country.  Scott can utilize his vast experience to also help you resolve your issues and/or achieve your objectives.  Scott concentrates on matters primarily involving tax, business, estate planning, trusts and wills.  In all cases, however, Scott's objective is to make his clients' lives better, guiding them through often complex legal processes, and making the legal world easier to understand and navigate.  Whether you need legal advice or action, Scott is here to represent and serve you and your unique needs. Contact the office to schedule an appointment.

What will always be important to me is helping others.  Part of my life has always been about community involvement, starting out as a "Big Brother" in college. Even in the high pressure environment of Washington, D.C., I tried to find time to volunteer, back then helping coach baseball in northern Virginia.  Once back in Gainesville, my coaching has continued.  As basketball coach (of a sport I truly love), I am constantly trying to teach our next generation not only how to be successful, but how to do it right.  I have had the good fortune of coaching basketball in recreational leagues, at the high school level, and at Santa Fe Community College.  I have learned many lessons from basketball that I apply to my legal practice, including that one size does not fit all (either in coaching or in law).  While my teams have generally been pretty successful (and have won, on average, over 80% of their games and many championships), one of my greatest achievements is simply getting "kids" to recognize they can achieve through hard work and practice.  For example, as a high school girls' basketball coach for many years, I have taught all of my players to make left hand layups (i.e., with their non-dominant hand); to me, that is really how I measure success.  I have always told my players that "God gave you a left hand to make layups!"  and I am proud to say that most of my players, whether the star player or the bench warmer, have learned to do so even at crucial times in games.

Boy Throwing Basketball
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